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retrospect sideboard

Retrospect Sideboard by Alan Flannery L1.jpg


The mitred joints on the cabinet corners are both decorated and reinforced with keys made from the lighter coloured Sapwood of the Walnut. These keys are inset at alternate angles along the corner of the cabinet as shown below.


The boards from which the sideboard are created, are cut, joined and re-assembled in sequence so that the grain pattern flows seamlessly up, over and around the cabinet. The image below illustrates this feature.



Retrospect although a contemporary piece of furniture does as its name suggests, take a look backwards towards and pays homage to the sideboards of the mid-century modern era. While taking styling cues from these long, low, Scandinavian styled pieces, Retrospect also ploughs its own furrow. Standing atop a curved leg structure the juxtaposed cabinet is created from a number of different pieces, each one separated and accented by red laminate which sits back from the surface creating a coloured shadow gap.

The handles and drawer pulls are incorporated into the simplistic cabinet exterior. These simplistic shapes are balanced out by the red interior of cabinets and drawers and also by the curved base structure.