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Eala lamp

Eala Lamp in ebonised Oak with copper gilding to shade

Eala Lamp in ebonised Oak with copper gilding to shade


 Eala lamp is an organically shaped, sculptural piece which takes visual inspiration from the mid-century modern era, particularly the space age design movement of the 1960s and 1970,s. Its swept back legs and long curved neck give the lamp an avian aesthetic and for this reason it takes its name from the Irish word for Swan.

The turned lamp head is gilded in copper leaf on its concave face which reflects the light outwards in a warm glow. This radiance of light casts moody soft light to the space it inhabits. This metallic surface also provides an interesting contrast in both texture and colour to the dark ebonised exterior. The lamp is created from European Oak and achieves its rich dark colour through the ebonising process in which the wood colour is altered through a natural chemical reaction.

The lamp is available as a smaller desk mounted piece or as a larger floor standing lamp which creates a statement while sweeping its long neck in over your favourite lounge chair.

In this ebonised guise the lamp is referred to “Eala Dubh” (black swan). It is also available to order in sycamore “Eala Bán” (white swan) or in the wood species/ colour of your choice.